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LaFon knives are made by a single pair of hands, from start to finish, in Detroit, MI.


ADAM LAFON was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1992 and relocated to Buffalo in April of 2016. LaFon Handmade began the same year. In September of 2017, the shop moved to Detroit. Adam's background is in the arts, and it was through this avenue that he developed the skills & interests that he now applies to the products you see here. His artwork can be seen at The majority of Adam's time is spent researching & practicing his craft, and the breadth and quality of the objects offered by LaFon Handmade continues to grow to reflect that.


BECCA GOODMAN is another Baltimore transplant, and the other half of LaFon Handmade. Also trained as an artist, she moved in 2015 to pursue a master's degree in art conservation at Buffalo State (Adam followed soon after). She now resides in Detroit where she works in the Detroit Institute or Art's conservation department. Her work can be seen at When she isn't doing conservation work, she manages a lot of LaFon Handmade's photography, as well as the bulk of its social media presence. Enough cannot be said about the importance of her support and sound advice.

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